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Half-Wheel Pose (Utthitardha-chakrasan)

Stand tall, Raise the arms over head, palms facing the ceiling, fingers pointed back. Exhale. Bend forward, inhaling. Then take the head and arms swing them comfortably

Affirmation for the Martian Chakra: A diamond is beautiful. I can be a living diamond

Yoga’s effect on the body can be subtle yet powerful. There is a tremendous amount of energy that is created during your practice. This energy can lead to positive results each time you come to the work.

 Yoga aims at developing will power. The ideal system of its work produces a healthy nervous system, circulatory system and brings a sense of balance between universe, physical, and mental.

Continuing the study of yoga’s asana practice, this month we focus on the Half-Wheel pose which correlates to the third chakra called the Solar Plexus Center or Mars Center and  located just below the rib cage.

This pose, which correlates to the Solar Plexus Chakra, governs the stomach, liver, gall bladder and nervous system. Activation of the third chakra helps to stimulate the pancreas in the endocrine system This asana benefits toning of the liver, spleen and intestines.

The chakra vortexes spin very fast when stimulated and metabolize an energy frequency that can produce color. The Solar Plexus Chakra vibrates the color yellow and is often referred to as our “internal sun”.

  Here in the solar plexus, all forces meet; heaven, earth, matter, spirit, nourishment, and breathe. The coarse and subtle energies join and influence each other. Here we get the support to determine our attitude in life. Our expression of joy, fear, confidence, self-assurance all comes from the third chakra.

   Personal power and self esteem live here. Self-responsibility and how we relate to ourselves becomes the development of the Mars center.

The first chakra was all about group mind. The second chakra focused on relationships and the effects on us. The third chakra shifts to how we relate to people around us. This is where you find your courage to take risk, generosity, ethics, and strength of character. By connecting to our third chakra we enhance our inner power. Intuition and guidance are also developed in this area.

Asanas that activate the Solar Plexus are usually those that require forward or backward bending. When choosing to meditate on the third chakra think: one pointed ness of mind, manifesting your spiritual strength.

     Continue to give great attention to all phases of your practice. Be observant and attentive. Voluntary attention needs effort, will and some mental training. All this will serve you well as you continue on your yoga journey.

Reprinted with permission from Alternatives Newspaper, New Orleans, LA. September 2004-March 2005.