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What is NIA? 

Nia is a body *mind* spirit fitness and well being technique.
Nia stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action.
Using both sides of the brain, the left side (thinking) and the
right side (imagination) adding pleasant music of various backgrounds
this activity becomes a well rounded program suitable for all ages.
If you love to dance and become creative in doing so, NIA will be just your you!

All the physical actions promote flexibility, mobility, aglity and stability.
The class may start out structured and then encourage participants
 to feel and express in there own way.
There really is never a wrong way to do NIA.

Once you learn the basics of understanding the way the body
is intended to move the work becomes a healthy way to fitness.
Finding the JOY in movement and looking at movement as an expression;
your workout becomes "holistic" in nature.

You will discover how to unlock your power, express emotions freely,
and be conscious in your actions. The movements are taken from martial arts,
ballet, yoga, modern dance  and you blend your own expressiveness
creating a personal power and energy.
Think of it as the body's workout- movement that conditions the entire human being!

Look for upcoming workshops!