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Easy Pose  (Sukhasan):

Sit erect and simply cross your legs. Try crossing one leg on top and then try the other leg on top.

Even if one side feels more comfortable, it is good to stay balanced by using both legs.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,

OM Peace, Peace, Peace!

Affirmation for the Crown Chakra : My body and my mind are strengthened daily.

Entering into the seventh chakra, we enter into our spiritual connector. This chakra is located at the top of our heads and often called the crown center.  When you are open to receive all that is perfect and right, you not only have activated the crown, but you have opened up to the divinity of enlightenment and highest wisdom. The greater universal life force continuously enters via the seventh chakra. The force nourishes our body, mind and spirit. Life force is distributed into the physical form and the lower six chakras connecting us physically to the seventh chakra.

 The crown chakra energizes our devotion and inspiration. It is the center for meditation and prayer. Spiritual vision and connection with Divine are abundant along with insight and healing.

Our seventh chakra vibration corresponds to the frequency of the color of violet. Not only do those gifted see the aura of violet, they may also see the halo of pure and perfect light that showers down upon us.

This spiritual center governs the brain and right eye. It also governs the pineal gland, the gland for growth.

This posture is wonderful for the beginner and helps attain stillness without distraction immediately.

 To gain internal awareness, that place where all knowing lives without judgment or fear, the practice of meditation becomes a powerful key. During your meditation practice, you connect with the higher powers and unlock many doors in which your true nature lives. You begin to deepen the relationship to the Divine that lives in us all. You will also begin to understand more powerfully the connection of “oneness” to each other.

Meditation is often referred to as “a nervine tonic.” It calms and soothes us. Meditation is now being used to assist many with health disorders. Think of meditation as powerful soothing waves, a divine energy that freely flows inside of us.

Meditation is a practice. Considerable changes take place over a period of time. Be patient and don’t have huge expectations. Simply be in the stillness and become comfortable with resting the mind. Find a comfortable position in which to sit. Also take note that the body may need to reposition as you come to stillness; don’t resist. The physical form needs to find its place of comfort. Eventually you will know your body well enough and get into that position effortlessly. Concentrate on your breathe and move away from worldly thoughts. Don’t be discourage if nothing happens; nothing is OK!

Your devotion to regular practice will pay off. As the mind calms, you are open to the intuition of knowledge and the supreme self, the beginnings of Bliss and Illumination. These are all rungs on the Yogic ladder. Follow that mysterious inner voice that will guide you....” Hear thou this attentively, O Yogananda!” Merge yourself into the Divine Flame, plunge into the chambers of your heart, meditate on this flame and become one with the Flame of God.

Reprinted with permission from Alternatives Newspaper, New Orleans, LA. September 2004-March 2005.