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Modified Tripod Headstand:

Place palms on floor shoulder width apart. Lower head to floor so head and hands form a triangle on the floor. Plant toes in floor, press hips upward and raise knees to elbows balancing body weight. 

Affirmation for the Sun/Moon Chakra: Be as wise as the sunflower—face the light!

During yoga classes, I teach my students to sense and feel the energy we co-create as we come together. This is all done from an awareness thru the sixth chakra. Have you ever noticed that you continue to go down the same path? Falling into the same old rut? Seeming to always repeat mistakes or the same kind of misfortunes? Chances are you could use tuning up in the sixth chakra region. Mentally tune up and release old thoughts, reframe from judgments, recognize fears and trust your inner guidance.

Principles, divine wisdom, spiritual healing, faith and trust, all of these powers of  higher consciousness are found at the Third Eye. This is the sixth chakra and it is located at the center of the forehead. It truly involves the mental and reasonable abilities of our psyche. Being conscious is not easy, especially when it involves change and growth, yet “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You might say that this is our wisdom chakra. Allowing divine light within the soul to shine is like introspect or clairvoyance and heeding the call of the inner voice. By keeping the chakra open, your comprehension and application of its powers will always lead you to the truth.

Also known as the sun/moon center, our sixth chakra vibration corresponds to the frequency of the color of indigo and aligns with the thyroid gland. It governs the lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system.

The posture benefits blood circulation, improves digestion.

Devotion to your yoga practice allows us to be more aware of our consciousness. We understand in time what is meant by present awareness. Just in that practice alone can we demonstrate less fear and more love. Daily introspect, helps us detect the presence of ego and its cunning desires that find their way into our mind and heart. These undercurrents can be detected like a vibration. The more sensitive you become, the more aware you are of the vibration. All things good will produce a harmonious vibe, while any evil or harmful action will cause a negative vibe. I promise you will recognize the difference even just by reading this article and opening your self up to all its possibilities. Think of developing the head and heart. This will produce harmonious vibrations inside. Regular yoga practice will pave the way and keep you in a balanced and aware state.

This new spiritual sense that you develop is freeing and unbiased. Your mind and body are mirror images of each other. Please remember the more flexible and adaptable the mind, the more flexible and adaptable the body. This force that travels throughout your body is a powerful magnet, a mighty force. When you are grounded and aware, its rhythmic movement is forever invigorating and stimulating. You can transmit the highest good for self-healing and blissfulness.

Reprinted with permission from Alternatives Newspaper, New Orleans, LA. September 2004-March 2005.