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Affirmation for the Venus Chakra:  Poise is the power to keep balance. 
Adversity is often  necessary to develop balance.

How wonderful that we can use the tool of yoga to open and lift ourselves to divine love. If you have ever taken class and observed how good you feel after class, it is due to the opening of the charkras thru your yoga asanas. Regular practice stimulates the entire system; it will open you more and more.

 This also leads us to being “presently aware”, attentive to our sensations, emotions and physical state. It takes voluntary attention, will, and effort. Practice and persevere. Fix your mind on your yoga practice, shut out all disrupting thoughts. The mixture of attention, application and interest will bring wonders to your entire physical, mental and spiritual self, Raising your vibration and creating an open-heart center to love.

In the yoga philosophy we practice, the “Good Heart”. We strive faithfully to live a life full of kindness to others. We seek bliss in learning to live from our true nature, that which is all loving. It is the challenge to continually generate an emotional steadiness of “stepping out consciously “ each day in compassion. This is our power center, LOVE being the divine power.

 Continuing the study of yoga’s asana practice, this month we focus on the pose Parshvottanasan: Head-To-Knee Side Stretch, which correlates to the Heart chakra.

Ah, The power of the Heart chakra! Here is the sacred place where physical and spiritual meet, the fourth chakra, the Venus center. The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest.

This pose governs the heart, blood, Vagus nerve and our circulatory system. It also is associated with the thymus gland, part of the endocrine system.

The chakra vortexes spin very fast when stimulated and metabolize an energy frequency that can produce color. The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. It vibrates the color green.

 The fourth chakra is most important for the healing process. As energies move up thru the body this “power currant” runs to the heart center developing a realization of unconditional love for self and others. Here is where we look past all negativity, to the individual uniqueness and love purely all fellow humans and creatures upon earth.

 Lets not forget that the heart is also the place where are emotions are dealt with, a place of purification, harmony and peace.

The first chakra was all about group mind. The second chakra focused on relationships and the effects on us. The third chakra shifted to how we relate to people around us. With the fourth chakra, we learn to love ourselves divinely and as the conscious self awakens more and more the lessons of the power of love intensify. Love is a fuel with endless capacity to lift our physical and spiritual bodies.

How fitting we should be studying the Venus, heart center during this holiday season. Step out into the Cosmic will of divine power and love! Often at the end of each class I teach many, many times I say: “Let the thoughts that you think, The actions that you take, and the words that you speak BE OF LOVE".

Reprinted with permission from Alternatives Newspaper, New Orleans, LA. September 2004-March 2005.