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Bridge Pose

(Setu – bandhasan)

Lying on your back, bend knees, lift lower part of the body and arch the back upward, placing the hands above the waist, assuming the bridge. The chin should be in the crevice of neck.

Affirmation for the Mercury  Chakra:
What makes the world a better place to live in, begins within myself

Between the head and heart lies the fifth energy center known as the”Throat Chakra”. Located in the larynx area, it is our VOICE. In the fifth chakra you feel your ability for self-expression. This is also the area that resonates emotional and mental struggles involving the power of choice. You probably recognize the saying where the heart meets the mind! I have also heard it said that all illness is connected to the throat chakra due to choice being involved in every detail of our lives and therefore every illness.

Also known as the mercury center, our throat chakra vibration corresponds to the frequency of the color of light blue and aligns with the thyroid gland. It governs our bronchial and vocal, lung and alimentary canal areas.

The influence or the thyroid gland keeps our bodies metabolism functioning. It determines whether we are mentally and physically lethargic or mobile. It determines if we are weary, sad or energetic and cheerful.

Our voice has the force to express ourselves and due to the direct channel to our higher spiritual planes it can determine the effect we have on others through the creative forces in expression. When we are “open” in the mercury center, energy is being metabolized from the universal fields. This energy flows through us and can provide the body calmness, a peace, a connection with divine. An open throat chakra can reflect tranquility and bring relaxation; it gives quiet to restless thoughts that can be reflected in the voice.

Your yoga practice keeps you balanced. In performing regular asana development it is not unusual to clear the throat. I encourage people to make noises such as vocal exhalations to release and clear the throat center. In this release students are amazed at how much there is to let go of and clear. They are also amazed at the peaceful feelings that come over them by doing such a simple thing. Physically, the pose benefits flexibility in spine, improving digestion, and reduces backaches.

Once again we come back to the idea of devotion and how powerful it is to the work. To make all of this positive and truly experience the benefits of yoga you have to stay consistent.  Through regular practice of yoga it can take 1 -1 ½ years for the body to start to unfold. Do not relax your efforts. Keep the Divine Flame burning steadily within. There is a summit, the eternal bliss that you achieve when you stay with your work. This is not only a physical practice but because of the “energy work” involved you will tap into the spiritual side of life and your divine. Your struggles in physical asanas are a mirror image of those in the mind and spirit – but as we grow in our path and practice you will transcend to higher peaks. Letting go of egoism, demands more patience and strength, your obstacles of despair, gloom.

Reprinted with permission from Alternatives Newspaper, New Orleans, LA. September 2004-March 2005.